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Highest Quality Human Translations

All we know very well that electronic translators do not cope with their main function: they do not provide us with 100% right translation, ignoring major grammar rules and confusing words. Consequently, this results in misunderstanding and further
break-up, as your addressee doesn’t understand your letters on major point.

If you want to see your letter translated with high quality, A Russian Women Marriage Agency gives you a chance to use our Translation services. We’ll translate your letter/any document within 24 hours. Our “human” translators of Russian origin master Spanish, English and Russian languages rather good in order to provide you with high-grade and prompt service, making sure that a lady will understand you.

If you need something translated, send it to for evaluation.

The cost is $0.04 per word.

If you set-up a $50.00 Translation Account with us, then you enjoy a 20% discount.

If you need official translations of birth certificates, INS papers, and the like, the flat rate is $15 per page.

Translations are quite expensive. An average letter is 600 - 700 words. This means about $24-$28 for you. Is it worth it, especially if her profile indicates that she does speak English? It may be or it may not.

Undoubtedly, letters in Russian stand out of the crowd, and are given more attention by the girls. It's a good "personal touch", like sending flowers along with your letter. Although she can read it in English, a letter in Russian is so much easier to read and understand. I've heard them saying a couple of times something like "Look this guy went through all the trouble and expenses of having this letter translated. So nice of him..".

Secondly, but not least important you want her to understand exactly what you are writing. You have probably invested a lot of time in writing a good letter and you want to make sure it is understood completely. Again from my personal experience, I've helped several times to translate personal correspondence and I was not surprised to see people even with excellent English skills getting confused over the simplest figures of speech. It's just because they have never lived in an English speaking country and their knowledge of the language is strictly scholastic.

I remember one girl who was sure she was corresponding with the bank security guy because he wrote he was a bank officer. You see, in Russian the word "officer" associates only with the military officer, thus the assumption. You get the idea.

On the other hand I have to tell you that the translated letter will probably lack its genuineness and will not be as artistic as you intended it to be. If English is your native language and you are good at it, your original letter may have much better impact than the translation. English is a very beautiful language, and even without a complete understanding, a woman can feel the beauty of a nicely composed personal letter.

I remember listening to English songs when I was a teenager and could not quite make out all the words, so I had to fill in the gaps with my imagination. And I was convinced then that English lyrics were much better than Russian ones.

Well, now I just say "it's different" so that I don't offend anyone...

In a word, I think that you might consider having your letter translated if the lady's English skills are poor to marginal. On our page they are ranked from 2 to 5. If the lady of your choice has 2 or 3, you might think about translating at least first couple of letters. Of course we can translate her letters into English too. You can even instruct her to send her letters to us indicating where to forward them after translating. We will mail or email translations to you.

You can send your orders to in Word (.doc) files and let’s see if we can meet your demands.

English Russian Spanish Translations - Professional translation services for business and personal communication.

Don't rely on translation software, Entrust your fate to our care.

Services provided by
english to spanish translation

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