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The content must be presented clearly. It must present a background of the main topic to be discussed, that is, indicate the state of the art or the historical background of the subject to be discussed. An introduction should also be made to the topic or the main question, which is the one that primarily motivates, and already presents, the purpose of the text. The APA standards require these differentiations that must be evident in the text, even if the words are not placed explicitly, indicating which part is which in the text.

After this, the objectives must be written, the content of which refers to what the purposes or what you want to prove with the development of the research. Then it is necessary to inquire about the question, concern or topic, and thus the theoretical framework is built, which is the theoretical signaling of the topic that is interested in treating. It is the sustenance of other sources, of other opinions on the subject that is being treated. In this section, the use of APA rules is essential, since special care must be taken in the quotations and in the concatenation of our ideas with those of others, so as not to incur theft of intellectual property.

Each idea that is copied verbatim or paraphrased must have its respective credit. For this reason, it is essential that as the document is created, the citations are annexed. Let us remember that there are different citations depending on whether it is a verbatim quote, a paraphrase, and that it is cited differently if there are one, two, three and up to six authors. Let us always remember that the APA standards give the text and a structure, they are also relevant when it comes to properly citing other documents or writings, which are used as a source of knowledge in their own text.

Then, the specific topic, question or hypothesis and the general topic that the entire writing will deal with is presented. After this, the topic is developed, it is concluded and it is finalized with the bibliographic references presented throughout the text. Depending on the requirements of the educational institution, other sections are used in the content, depending on the type of content required to be performed. The APA standards are par excellence, the method most used in universities and higher education centers around the world. The previous explanation applies more or less to all types of documents. In turn, it must be taken into account that each text has its requirements and specific content for each occasion.

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Before looking at APA standards, there is an urgent need to know what they are and what they are used for.

This document has all the information necessary to make documents with the APA format, in this way each person will have sufficient knowledge and will be able to use these standards in the best way.

First of all, it should be noted that the person responsible for the creation of these standards is the American Psychological Association (APA). Through this development it is sought that there is a set of standards to fully unify the works written that are of an international nature. In Colombia, for example, the Icontec standards are used to create written works.

Although these standards are for all types of documents, the design is intended to be used in degree projects or reports that are related to research.

In order to offer reliable, up-to-date and quality information: this article is largely based on different guides published by recognized institutions of higher education.

The following generalities are described under the sixth edition of the APA standards, but the changes presented by the seventh edition will also be specified.

Paper: The size of the paper to be used under the APA standard is 8.5 “x 11”. Equivalent to 8 ½ x 11 inches.

The line spacing for APA standards must be in 2.0 format and the text must be aligned to the left, without being justified.

1. Select the text to modify. Go to the Home tab and in the font section click on the first selector to choose the font.

To do it in an easier way you can avoid the previous steps mentioned above. For this we will make an initial configuration and apply these styles. We must do the following:

1. We go to HOME and then in the Styles section we right click on the style called Normal.

2. A window will open in which you can modify the font and font size, as well as the text alignment, indentation, among other options to take into account when creating a written work.

Another alternative to not modify the default styles is to create a new one, simply pressing Alt + Ctrl + Shift + S will open a new window with the list of available styles; At the bottom of the window there is a button called New Style.

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As of Monday, March 16, in compliance with Royal Decree 463/2020 in which the SANITARY ALARM STATUS is declared, SERVICES WITH SETTINGS of hourly frequencies will be carried out.

Exclusive payment with CARD is mandatory as a COVID 19 security measure. Those users who do not have a card must request a PURSE CARD:

These cards will replace the cash payment and the amount per trip is € 1.35 (common rate).

The Vigo City Council strengthens the volunteer service by enabling a specific web registry to channel the offers of volunteers willing to provide help and respond to the needs of the most vulnerable population in the face of the advance of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

From March 20 the Regulated Parking Management (XER) will be suspended. All XER zone infringements from March 14th will not be processed.

Health professionals who perform home services will have preferential use of loading and unloading places.

The Vigo City Council has launched, a web platform that will bring together in the same space all the artistic initiatives that local artists have been developing since their confinement.

The Department of Health presents the program “Physical activity to do at home” in order to maintain an exercise routine on days of confinement and include daily activities to preserve physical and emotional health during the state of alarm.

The More than Water centers, which also join this initiative to improve the quality of life of people in confinement. They offer virtual classes through their open website for all who decide to join. Access to online activities

The municipal mobile app “Vigo” has a new section dedicated to Covid-19 where you can be informed and receive municipal alerts and notifications.

For any questions or queries, you can contact the Public Relations Department by calling 986 810 156 or at the email address (hidden)

Our tribute to the heroes and heroines of Vigo in their daily fight against the coronavirus, at work or staying at home.

3- Basis of legitimation: art. 6.1 the) and 6.1 y) of the RGPD 679/2016 (consent and public interest)

CLAUSE: by sending your videos, photos or images, you accept the conditions of use (purpose) of your personal data by the Vigo City Council and that in any case you can exercise your rights recognized in RGPD 679/2016 and law 3/2018 (LOPDGDD ) by contacting the person responsible for the treatment, Vigo City Council, before (hidden)

The fourteen teams that are in charge of cleaning buildings and public roads work morning, afternoon and night shifts. Disinfection is carried out by professionals every night with vehicles equipped with cannons.

Every day, the City Council cleans 50 kilometers of streets in the urban area of ​​the city, as well as the areas of influence of all Vigo parishes and all health centers. The City Council also faces the daily disinfection of markets, food centers and the surroundings of pharmacies, supermarkets and tobacconists in the city center. Also in dependencies such as the Berbés pavilion (enabled by the Vigo government for homeless people), CEDRO, the Local Police, the Teis and Balaídos fire stations, the Marqués de Valterra Integral Center for Inclusion and Social Emergency, Civil Protection and the cemeteries of Pereiró, Teis and Lavadores.

The cleaning teams wash 800 garbage containers every day, with 3 container washers on the morning shift and 5 on the night shift, and disinfect 500 containers daily with 2 vans equipped with pressure washers in the morning and 2 at night. In the case of wastebaskets, the operation disinfects 1000 units every day with 2 vans on the day shift and 5 on the night shift.

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The rosary has been insistently recommended by the last popes; particular consideration should be given to what Paul VI says about it in * the apostolic exhortation “Marialis cultus” (02021974), n. 42-55 (cf A. de Pedro, Madre de Dios … EP 164-165).

Tribunal of the Holy See of universal competence, although the majority of the cases dealt with refer to cases of matrimonial nullity.

Strips of * papyrus and later * of parchment, formed by pieces that were glued to each other and rolled up to two sticks or cylinders, so that, by unrolling them, they could be read. The document was written in columns, across the length of the scroll. It could reach ten meters in length. It was written on one side only (the * code will allow writing on both sides). The use of the term volume to indicate a book comes from the Latin verb volvo = to roll up.

Elder son of * Jacob and * Leah. He lost the right of birthright for his sin of * incest with Bilhah (cf. Gen 35,22; 49,3-4).

In Latin, rùbrica = written in red. In the past, chapter titles and initial letters were written in red. In the sec. XII-XIII, practical indications are noted in the liturgical books in this way. Then the general indications of a * celebration are unified and, with the name of General Rubrics, they are placed at the beginning of the respective book (* missal, * divine office …), while the particular ones remain in the corresponding place of the celebration. Today the general ones are usually in the same type of ink as the set; the particular ones are now put in red now in another color or in the normal one, but with a different type of font. The headings are totally dependent on the content; they are like the bark of the rite. The rubricism or cult of the rubric is negative, because it upsets the values, but the rubrics are important in that they help the correct development of liturgical celebrations and, in many cases, help to penetrate the meaning of the * rite.

The book of Ruth tells the story of this Moabite woman who, on the death of her husband, faithfully accompanies her mother-in-law * Noemi, who was also a widow, to Bethlehem, from which she left at the time of the famine. Here she marries Booz, a relative of her husband, in application of the law of * levirate. This marriage will make her ascendant of * the Messiah, as great-grandmother of * David (cf Mt 1,5). The story is located at the time of the * Judges, but the book was written around the century. V or IV BC It is one of the five * megillot and it was read in the * synagogue at * Pentecost. It does not belong to historical books, but to what today are called “little stories”.

* Ascetic and * Dutch mystic. He had great influence on his time and on the so-called modern * Devotio. See * Thomas of Kempis.

The oldest manuscript of the New Testament is kept in the John Rylands Library in Manchester (England). It has Jn 18: 31-33 on one side and Jn 18: 37-38 on the other. It is dated around 125-130, very close, therefore, to the date of St. John’s death. It is a partially deteriorated papyrus, cataloged with the initials P52, also designated with the name of Rylands. See * Biblical manuscripts.

Kingdom of Southern Arabia, famous for its riches and for the trade in * incense, spices, gold and precious stones. In the first book of the Kings the visit of the queen of Sheba to * Solomon is told (1 Kings 10,1-3); Jesus mentions it in Mt 12:42.

It encompasses the idea of ​​an army. There is no unanimity or certainty among the * exegetes on the meaning it assumes in the different contexts in which it appears in the Old Testament. It seems to mean the ensemble of heavenly powers, and Jhwh-Sabaot is the mighty God who struggles with his people and leads them to victory.

It probably means “rest”. Seventh day of the week, which appears in the account of creation and in all the collections of the laws of the Old Testament (Gn 2,2-3; Ex 20,8-11; 23,12; 31,12-17; 32,34; 35,1-3; Lev 23,3; 26,2; Num 15,32-36; 28,9-10; Deut 5,12-16) and to which reference is made in many other passages.

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The one indicated by the superior general of the Congregation for the Mission of the Vincentian Family, Father Tomaz Mavric in the message written on the occasion of the liturgical memorial of Saint Vincent de Paul, which falls on September 27, is intended to be a choral Christian response to the challenge of the pandemic. Father Mavric observes: “The COVID-19 pandemic has brought us, individually and as members of the Vincentian Family around the world, many opportunities and challenges. The same is true for the post-COVID-19 period ”. Quoting Pope Francis’ thought, he notes: “the world, and we individually, cannot remain the same: either we will become better, or we will step back and get worse”. The superior general recalls the meeting in Rome at the beginning of 2020 which brought together all the representatives of the 170 branches of the Vincentian Family; he then urges everyone to become active collaborators of the Famvin Homless Alliance initiative: “The Vincentian Family Alliance for the homeless is our only common project. Therefore, it must be promoted, extended and introduced in the 158 countries where the Vincentian Family is present so that no Congregation or Association remains extraneous to this project, but that all take an active part in the initiative in every corner of the world where we live and serve ” . In a special way, the invitation is to unreservedly promote the “Campaign of 13 Houses”, an initiative in the field of charity that began in November 2018 with the aim of transforming the lives of ten thousand people in 3-5 years. The current situation – reads a statement – sees as many as 52 projects in a development phase (planning, execution or completion) in 37 countries and 761 homes built or repaired. “It is possible to affirm – explains Fr. Tomaz Mavric – that the lives of nearly 5,000 people have improved ”. Particular attention on the part of the Vincentians is required for those affected by the COVID-19 emergency. There are 18 initiatives implemented in 16 countries: Angola, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guatemala, Lebanon, Madagascar, Peru, Philippines, Romania, Rwanda, Tanzania and Ukraine (PO)

The Coronavirus pandemic does not stop the preparations for the Third Ecumenical Kirchentag, the great festival that German Catholics and Evangelicals will experience together in Frankfurt in 2021. Despite the health emergency – reports the website of the World Council of Churches – the Protestant and Catholic organizers of the event announced their intention not to postpone the dates of the appointment, which will take place as scheduled from 12 to 16 May, albeit with a reduced attendance of 30 thousand people, against the 100 thousand expected initially. In any case, it will also be possible to participate online in the five-day event. At a virtual press conference on 22 September, the two presidents of the Ecumenical Kirchentag, the Protestant Bettina Limperg and the Catholic Thomas Sternberg, explained that the very serious situation that the world is experiencing at the moment due to the pandemic has convinced them of the need not to postpone the appointment which – they specified – will be carefully organized in coordination with the authorities to guarantee safety conditions against contagion. The great problems raised by the Covid-19 emergency, in particular its impact on the stability of society and the current world economic system, on the environment and on the life of the Churches will be at the center of the 2021 meeting which will have as its motto “Go to see ”taken from the Gospel of Mark. Conditions permitting, the organizers also count on the presence of foreign participants, as in the two previous editions. It should be remembered that the Third Ecumenical Kirchentag will take place as part of the “Year of Ecumenism” announced for 2021 by the Council of Christian Churches in Germany, in which the XI Assembly of the Ecumenical Council was initially included of the Churches (WCC) in Karlsruhe, which has been postponed due to Covid-19. (LZ)

The Dominican Bishops’ Conference (CED) yesterday celebrated the 58th anniversary of its official constitution.

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waiting for an answer, I offer you my cordial greetings and I ask you for an answer as soon as possible so as not to go off-topic in case I have any possibility of appeal. Yours sincerely.

the limitation period is met if the penalty report is delivered to the Italian post office within the 360th day, but the sorting date in Zurich or the date of actual delivery is not relevant. The proof of the delivery date to the post office is the subject of the verification activity of the Italian Post Office, therefore what is attested by it and publicly resulting from the internet page where you can enter the code to which you refer is valid.

I am German and I have a car with a German registration. For work reasons I often find myself in Italy, particularly in Milan.

Over the years I have taken various fines, in my opinion questionable, for how and when they were delivered to me in Germany.

I have not been to Germany in the last 9 months and in the meantime 2 fines have arrived for which I would like to know your opinion:

1) apparently on February 15, 2016 I got a speeding ticket in Milan. About 3 weeks ago the notification “last payment request” of 239.03 Euros arrived with the date on the letter dated 27 March 2017. The letter indicates that the municipality of Milan had already sent me a notification on 8 February 2017 (so just before the deadline), which never arrived. My questions are: a) can I / must I run after the deadlines? b) in the event of a run-up, am I still in time? Is it better through a prefect with the risk that the fine will double or better through a justice of the peace? c) what happens if I pay the discounted amount of 30% on the emo.nivi website.? Will they then leave me alone? or will they try to find the difference too? Maybe you have any experience with the council’s behavior afterwards?

2) The second fine of Euro 117.01 came from the local police of Ponte di Legno because I parked in a paid parking lot without paying on July 29, 2015. Also here apparently they have already sent me a notification on May 31, 2016 that never came. Then came an injunction for payment on February 28, 2017, which I only saw at the beginning of May when I returned to Germany. A week ago, another notification arrived from a German collection company, doubling the amount of the fine.

I would like to point out that no communication arrived by registered mail and therefore there is no evidence that these fines have ever been delivered. But I would like to avoid a continuous notifications in my absence and I also kindly ask your advice here how to behave. I would like to point out that for the Ponte di Legno fine there is no longer any data on the emo.nivi website and therefore I cannot even verify anything.

our firm deals with Italy-Switzerland cross-border law, so I cannot give you sure answers regarding the relations between Italy and Germany. For greater security, therefore, I invite you to request information from the competent bodies in your country.

Here I can only tell you that the only official method in Italy for sending complaints of violation of the Highway Code is the registered letter with return receipt sent by the Italian Post Office. Any other method is not allowed and, above all, does not provide proof of sending within the terms of the law. In your case, therefore, I suggest that you carry out an informal check with the bodies that have raised the complaints in order to verify whether or not they have sent a registered letter to your address and, if so, with what dates.

The mere notification of disputes through a debt collection company has no value and does not require recourse, as these are not legally “non-existent” notifications.

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Their main wealth is to establish communion between men; their main negative is the depersonalization or alienation of man. It is of enormous interest to obtain that the agents of the mass media, in addition to a technical preparation, possess high human values ​​(respect for the person, love of truth, interest in solidarity and justice, sensitivity towards transcendent interests and religious …). Receptors must cultivate the critical sense: to transform themselves from mere receptors into perceivers who do not remain passive in front of what they receive.

We understand that it is a theme of great importance in * pastoral care. The Church has taken an interest in it, albeit more at the level of doctrine than of achievements. The main documents on the subject are: the Inter mirifica decree of the Second Vatican Council; the Communio et progressio education (the one with the greatest intrinsic value); references in the * apostolic exhortation * Evangelii nuntiandi (n. 42 and 45), in the * Catechesi tradendae, in the * General Catechetical Directory; the II General Conference of the Latin American Bishops, held in * Medellín, dedicated its document 16 to him; that of * Puebla, from n. 1063 to n. 1095 of his document, as well as numerous other allusions.

They are the means of mass communication used in small groups: projection of films, slides, transparencies, videotapes, etc. They do not have the wealth and influence of great means, but they are recommended above all for their specific wealth, which is the fact that they lend themselves to educating in the use of great means. In lectures, catecheses, conferences, etc., they serve to provide documentation and to strengthen the exposition with plurality.

In Hebrew, “Who as Jhwh?”. One of the first prophets, a contemporary of * Isaiah (8th century BC). Jer 26:18 mentions and quotes him (it is very rare for one prophet to mention another). He harshly whips the mere exteriority of worship and corruption, both of the * kingdom of the north (Samaria) and of the * kingdom of the south (Judah).

Mikael = “who like God?”. Angelo indicated as “one of the first princes”, “the great prince” (Dn 10,13-21), triumphant over * Satan (cf Ap 12,9).

* Patriarch of * Constantinople from 1043 to 1058. Deeply anti-Latin, he closed the churches of this rite in Constantinople. In 1054, given the impossibility of reaching an agreement, Cardinal Umberto, legate of Pope Leo IX, deposited the * excommunication against the patriarch in the church of Santa Sofia, who responded with a countercommunication. Thus the Eastern schism was consummated. On 7 December 1065, Pope Paul VI and Patriarch Athenagoras of Constantinople issued a declaration in which excommunications were mutually lifted. It is a step in the restoration of unity, but the schism remains.

Born in Cuenca (Ecuador), a malformation of the feet will accompany him throughout his life. He was a Brother of the Christian Schools, an eminent educator, author of excellent literature and language texts for teaching. But his main commitment was catechesis, especially with teams preparing for First Communion. His great culture did not prevent the simplicity of his explanations to children. The superiors called him to Europe to entrust him with important tasks, especially for the composition of texts. Transferred from Belgium to Spain for health reasons, he died in Premiá de Mar, near Barcelona.

In Hebrew, “investigation, research”. Edifying explanation of Sacred Scripture elaborated by the * rabbis. In it, the historical core remains subordinated to meaning. When its purpose is to know God’s will and establish rules of conduct, it is called * Halakah or * midrash halakico. If he tries to interpret the narrative parts of the books, it is called * Haggadah or * midrash haggadico. Starting from the century. II AD, these explanations or midrashim began to be collected.

French priest who completed the huge work of publishing the works of the * fathers of the Church in the Latin and Greek series: Latin Patrology, in 222 volumes, and Greek Patrology, in 161 volumes.

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The aforementioned factor, in fact, determines the potential satisfaction you could get in visiting these websites.

Although not specified by the portals, the average age is not that difficult to find out: just do a search of the available profiles, to immediately understand what the personal range of one of these sites is.

In addition, the impact and the graphic construction of a portal are often crucial to make you understand which range of users it is aimed at: generally, if you notice a colorful and self-confident structure, that site is aimed at young people.

If, on the other hand, you notice a more elegant and formal design, then you already know that that portal aims to conquer an over-40 target.

Let’s not forget that it is also important to understand which dating sites are most used and which therefore collect a greater number of subscribers (in fact we have also taken this aspect into account in drawing up our ranking).

▶ The ability to browse profile images by attributing a “like” or experiment with a negative vote

▶ A system that establishes recommended couplings, and which is able to manage user preferences to provide only the best advice.

Starting with the messaging systems: some sites provide a system of email messages that arrive directly within the portal, given the presence of a specific section in each profile.

Finally, some sites of this type also have a proprietary app that you can download from the stores of the various operating systems on smartphones: the aforementioned allows you to take advantage of all the features of the site in a mobile version.

There are platforms that have created an algorithm that automatically matches users based on the information contained in the profile. Others, on the other hand, are based on a manual coupling system, that is, managed by the moderators of the portal.

Generally, sites equipped with automatic matching also require the completion of an initial test, during the user registration phase.

Based on the results of the test, they establish a compatibility score that in theory should indicate the most suitable potential partners for you: the quality of the portal also depends on the quality and accuracy of this score.

Finally, many dating sites provide you with a search engine, which can be customized through filters: in this case, the task of finding a suitable partner is left to the individual user.

Then there are also other functions, such as the photo gallery, video presentations, or the ability to send poke, emoticons and so on. In fact, consider that these platforms are real social networks for lonely hearts.

Cost, as we have already reminded you, is a key factor when trying to figure out which dating site to choose. Basically, there are three possible cases:

They work without any type of subscription and do not ask you for a single euro to use all their services but they are very few and often of low quality such as Lovepedia.

They are financed through advertising and are characterized by a high presence of fake profiles and rather invasive advertising.

Portals with medium accessibility often provide for a free exchange of emails but within a certain number, after which you must necessarily subscribe (such as Badoo, Tinder and Lovoo)

In this case, as soon as you register, you can carry out limited operations such as searching through profiles and little else.

To chat you will have to pay a monthly / quarterly or half-yearly subscription or buy a certain number of credits that you will spend for example by sending messages or reading them or sending like etc.

We do not recommend the credit system as in the end you end up spending more than a subscription.

At the end of the article you will find a detail of the subscription costs and credits for the various most famous sites.

Now that you now know all the details on how online dating portals work and what are the factors that really make the difference, it will also be useful to read an in-depth analysis on some of the sites in the ranking in order to better understand their functioning and characteristics. .

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We and our suppliers store information such as cookies on a device (and / or access them) and process personal data, such as unique identifiers and general information sent from a device, to personalize ads and content, measure ad and content performance. , to obtain information about the public and also to develop and improve products.

Dating apps are a great way to meet more people and make new bonds; in fact, in the technological age, you are no longer forced to turn to friends and acquaintances to meet new people and, why not, maybe a soul mate. The dating apps are designed specifically to connect potential partners, who otherwise would never find love because they are far from the circles of friends you usually frequent. With Libero Tecnologia discover which are all the best dating apps of the moment and get ready to embark on your next relationship!

Unlike their predecessors such as websites and chat rooms, modern dating apps are much safer and more reliable, and in most cases they are frequented by people who really want to have a stable love relationship. In recent years, on the other hand, more and more Italians decide to rely on a special app to find the love of their life. But how do you choose from the hundreds of apps available? Here is the list of the best dating apps!

If you are looking for some fun and you want to meet new people without too much effort, Tinder is definitely for you: the app is one of the most popular in the world and makes its strength its own system of simple and intuitive matching. Once registered on Tinder, the algorithm will show you a series of profiles you may be interested in: simply swipe left to discard the user, or swipe right to like, to get more information about someone just click on the her profile picture and read a short bio. The app is free but also includes a series of paid features via the Tinder Plus subscription, which allows you to increase your views.

Lovoo is another of the main apps for meeting love. Once you have completed the free registration, the app will offer you a list of people that you can positively evaluate (heartbeat) or discard because you consider them not interesting (X button). If you are undecided you can tap on his photo and visit his profile, see the other photos uploaded and read more details. In the menu below you can also customize your search by indicating for example gender, age and geographical area. Lovoo also allows you to send 3 free chat requests per day; for unlimited requests and further additional features you will need to subscribe to Lovoo Vip.

Meetic is a very popular dating app, which differs from the others because of the ability to customize your profile more and for the best interaction tools. Once the registration is complete you will have to answer some personal questions that will help other people to get to know you better, after which the algorithm will propose you a list of people that you can evaluate: in addition to the green button to put a like and the red x to discard a suitor, you can select the purple thunderbolt to indicate a thunderbolt.

Happn is a dating app for true dreamers. The software is in fact designed to find the people you meet during the day: as long as you are both customers of this app, using the GPS locator, you can select the profile of those who capture your interest even for the short time of a ride on the metro. This very original application also offers the possibility to chat with users despite the like is not reciprocal, to send a voice message or even a song: thanks to Happn say goodbye to wasted opportunities.

Bumble is a very innovative application designed specifically for women. Unlike other apps, a simple match is not enough to start a chat: in fact, if there is a compatibility, only the woman can make the first move, thus eliminating the risk of intrusive suitors and annoying requests. In addition, this app is not only intended for romantic encounters but, given the broader search functions, it has also been designed to create friendly or professional relationships.

In addition to the classic dating apps listed above, numerous apps have also been developed dedicated to specifically homosexual users. Grindr is one of the most popular apps in the LGBT world and is designed specifically for men looking for same-sex partners. The pink counterpart of Grindr is undoubtedly Only women, used and dedicated to all women or girls looking for a female partner. The operation of these apps is similar to that of any other dating app.

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To accept the viewing of explicit texts and images intended for an adult audience. The inclusion of child pornography material will result in the immediate reporting to the competent authorities of the access data to the site in order to allow the persons responsible to be traced.

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If you are looking for gay dating Fornovo di Taro Vivastreet is the place for you. The gay classifieds category Fornovo di Taro is very active and you will always find new ads published in all cities of Italy.

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