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Those who pass it know well, whatever subject has said such things, we get tested right there…. My wife is not working. More precisely, he wants to work, I do not allow him to work because I think it is not religiously and morally appropriate and his education is not sufficient for a few suitable sectors.

Cleaning every week, help with every meal, etc. It has become a child, it has also become an angel, even when I see something around, it has become an angel. The only weekend cleaning is now done on weekdays.

I do not do that. Don’t let me strangle you often: Where have you been when you come to work a minute late, we don’t meet up with friends even once a month. When I want to meet why, what do you need, don’t go etc.

Brian A. Read more. Date of stay: September Location. Sleep Quality. Score the translation. Useful Share. Stewart D wrote a review Eyl Oil harrys and draper room can. Wonderful boutique hotel with very well finished rooms and clean and comfortable. The adjacent bar makes great food and all the staff go the extra mile to make your stay warm and pleasant.

Date of stay: September Trip type: Traveled with friends Rate the translation. AnnN15 wrote a review May Adelaide, Australia 19 contributions 8 helpful votes. Nice hotel, don’t pay attention to the elevator. Really nice hotel, great room, all new items and accessories.

The room is small but has everything you need, large bathroom. The area is quiet for Dublin but not by foot from the city center. Good pub downstairs, good choice of food for dinner but no breakfast and friendly service. The hotel reported that it has an elevator, but there is no one, which is fine for me. While getting help with check-in to get my case up the stairs, he struggled to get the case downstairs where no one was there when I got out.

Date of stay: March Value. Maevesheehan wrote a review Mar Wonderful town room. Being big and easy check-in, just go to the bar, friendly staff, clean rooms, it has everything you need for a stay in Dublin. Good location, you can walk to the city center, parking behind the hotel is free. Comfy beds and warm rooms. Drinking is cheap at the grocery store, and it is cheap to drink in the parks, but it is not possible in places.

If you say you don’t spend too much money on drinks and cigarettes, you can get by with euros. Have a nice day, my friend .. Before we move alone, we buy an affordable rental house in co kildare, celbridge area. Unfortunately, I could not find many resources for rental housing in that area. On the Irish Accommodation page I rent. But I should also mention that there are not many people who rent a house at first. Generally, even if he is married, the majority rents a room at first and then moves to his own house.

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Try to stay with the flow. There are times when you will go through internal processes. You can be courageous in the matters you are interested in. It may be good for you to deal with social issues today. You are on a day when you will dare to participate in new projects in the direction of your future hopes. Social issues may be in the center of attention more. When you enter into acceptance in the works you are dealing with, you may notice that you are progressing faster with the support you will receive.

You should be careful about the accidents that may occur during the day. You are on a day to take care of your responsibilities in your business life. You can be in completion to reach the places you target.

You may want to quit the work you focused on. It is useful to be careful against accidents that may occur in your working environment. You may want to let yourself go with the flow today. New projects can be initiated in the desire for emancipation. You can study alternative subjects. There are times when you will feel enthusiastic to share your thoughts with those around you.

Foreign-related issues can affect your agenda. There may be minor accidents during the day. The conditions that tire you may come to the fore more today. You may have to deal with joint money matters. Conflicts in monetary matters can get you in trouble. You may enter into acceptance in some subjects. Emotionally binding conditions may occur.

You may want to go into regeneration. You should pay more attention to your bank affairs. You may feel altruistic in the events of your bilateral relationships. The events you experience may also feel tightening. Then you can enter into acceptance. You may want to be in harmony with the other. You should be careful about the deals you will make during the day. There may be times when you will be directed towards social issues. You are on a day when you need to be careful against possible accidents in your working life. Where can you come out of this harmful, right?

Yes, you must be a good listener to meet new people and make new friends. Because nobody likes to communicate with someone who doesn’t care, doesn’t heed their words, and worse still pretends to listen to him. That’s why you should decide whether you are a really good listener before embarking on your journey to making new friends. Because by improving this ability, you can make friends more easily, and at the same time, you can gain in many different ways.

So appreciate the value of this precious treasure and listen to what is being said not by thinking about what you will answer to the other person, but by trying to understand him. As a matter of fact, one of the most important reasons underlying the fear of meeting new people is these refusal to be judged!

Yes, most of us actually want to talk to that person, say something to him, but cannot get into words because we do not know how to respond to our words. Nonsense such as being ridiculed, not being able to answer when asked questions, and not being approved; But because of our strong fears, we shut ourselves inward and look at people who express their thoughts easily from a distance. However, we need to understand that our fears are unfounded and not be afraid to express ourselves.

For example, you could talk about a joint lesson or about the bus you took on your way to work. Yes, it’s possible if you talk to reliable people Ask an interesting question. Sort Girls First Boys First. Remove the contact barrier. It would be nice if the bugs were less.

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With the Mandragola we are facing the most beautiful Italian comedy of all time. Voltaire was already aware of its exceptional nature in Essai sur les moeurs et l’esprit des nations (1756): “Machiavelli’s Mandrake alone is perhaps worth more than all Aristophanes’ comedies”. That the author is also the founder of modern political thought is a circumstance that can be explained by his genius. Comedy arises from the same intelligence of men and things that is in political and historical works, but at the same time reveals the ability to grasp what is funny and paradoxical in everyday life and a mocking temperament willing to desecrate any value. However, the miracle would not have succeeded if the two souls of the great fifteenth-century Florentine culture had not met in M.: the humanistic one of Marsilio Ficino and Poliziano – revived in the meetings of the Orti Oricellari (→, where, moreover, the theater was a primary interest) – and the vulgar one that extended from Giovanni Boccaccio to him.

Dating and methods of composition. In the absence of any information about the times and methods of the composition of the Mandrake, the objective terms within which to place the drafting are between 1504, the year in which the story was set, and 1519, date affixed to the Laurenziano Redi 129 of the Laurentian Medici Library of Florence, the only manuscript that today transmits it; taking into account the Florentine calculation of the years ab incarnatione, the year 1519 could also cover the time span from 1 January to 24 March 1520. Neglecting other hypotheses of dating outside this period, without any foundation, point an obligatory starting point for the consideration of the chronology of composition is the opinion of Roberto Ridolfi, who in the second revised edition of the Vita di Niccolò Machiavelli (October 1954) assigned the comedy to January-February 1518. Ridolfi based his evaluation on measure III 32 of the widow to the friar (“Do you believe that the Turk is spending this year in Italy?”), A joke that, in the scholar’s opinion, could not have been topical in any other year than 1518, when the danger of a Turkish invasion in Italy would have been concretely present.

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I remind you again that from 3.6 the eco-center will be open with no more reservations and with longer hours made with additional budget funds to reduce the risk of queues due to the need to limit access. More information here:

It has now been more than 25 days since May 4 since Phase 1 of the tightening to prevent the spread of the infection ended and just over almost two weeks since the reopening of the shops on May 18.

In Vanzago the number of positives remained stable at 92 indicated by the Lombardy Region but with 77 nominative cases indicated by ATS; the others are in fact not resident in Vanzago.

Of these cases, only 4 remain in quarantine in Vanzago waiting for the swab to finally give a negative result, in addition to those inserted in our RSA that are waiting for the swab that certifies healing.

There have been NO new cases in Vanzago since May 15 and there have been NO elements of health concern. Finally, I remember that the growth of infections on Vanzago that has occurred since April is almost totally linked to positive cases that had not received the swab previously due to the limitations present in the Lombardy Region in the possibility of doing these tests.

This message does not mean that we are authorized to behave superficially and to underestimate the risk of contagion, therefore I invite all citizens to maintain the utmost rigor and prudence, especially with the rules already issued at the beginning of the year:

I also recommend everyone and everyone to respect the rules within shops and various activities also in light of the new ordinance n.555 of the Lombardy Region today which allows other openings (eg: recreational clubs, gyms and tanning centers, etc…).

On Saturday 30th we organized a new round of distribution of masks to all the families of Vanzago: we have to thank Pregnana Soccorso Onlus and Rho Soccorso for the distribution and the members of the Vanzago Solidarity Group for packaging at the Elderly Center. Thank you very much!

COVID has taught us that we cannot save ourselves: we must operate as a great team.

As for the summer camps and various educational activities, the Municipality of Vanzago has also carried out a survey of the need and is organizing these services: as every year we also collaborate with the private individuals present to offer the widest possible offer. P.

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Like the Mass of the 13th, the Rosary, led by the bishop of Teramo-Atri Lorenzo Leuzzi, will be offered live by various television stations and social channels. All information on the Sanctuary website. (EmC)

Monday morning, it’s raining outside and a new day begins, a new week … I go up to my room after prayer, I sit down to write some messages and a number that I have not saved appears on the display … I say: “Who breaks ? “… Yes, because even the friars are human … I answer and on the other side I hear a beautiful” GOOD MORNING fra Riccardo “… It is she, an English lady who often frequented the table and who is now in a community to take back its LIFE in hand … How nice to hear it, how nice to know that in LIFE we can be “Cyrenians” who help each other to carry the cross … And once again I realize that teaching more precious are the poor who give it to you … There are people, like this sister, who at an older age have the courage to take their LIFE in hand … It is never too late to be reborn … It is not END the last word, but HOPE … And if the week starts so wonderfully, who knows how it will arrive next Sunday ❤️😂❤️😂 ❤️

100 years after the birth of St. John Paul II, the Vatican Publishing House wishes to help remember and feel his warmth, his wisdom, his sympathy, his strength through his photos and his words, with a book entitled: 100 years. Words and images. To remember means to carry in the heart: it is a way of continuing to be close to and nurturers of his teaching and example of him. 100 years is available in Italian, English and Polish. Pope Francis writes in the preface to the book:

“Saint John Paul II was a great witness to the faith, a great man of prayer who lived completely immersed in his time and constantly in contact with God, a sure Guide for the Church in times of great change”. (EmC)

We join the faithful of Termoli, on the feast of the discovery of the body of St. Timothy today. In recent days, many people have lost their jobs; they have not been summarized, they worked illegally … Let us pray for these brothers and sisters of ours who suffer from this lack of work. These are the words of the Pope in the introduction to the morning Mass at Casa Santa Marta. Then the homily, in which he stated that the Holy Spirit helps us to understand more and more what Jesus told us.

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or we can only tell you that in general on Google Classroom there may be pre-recorded materials, assignments and video lessons that can be managed independently (according to the instructions of the prof), instead video calls or video conferences (Skype, Google Hangouts or others e-learning systems) are “live” activities, so you have to be there when it happens and you can usually know who is participating.

Hi, I would like to know if it is possible for the teacher of the course to see if every single student has seen the lessons.

Good evening Monia, no it is not possible to do it directly. However, it is possible to assign tasks only to individual students or insert a quiz in order to check if the material has been read. To see how quizzes, questions and materials work, see our tutorial on the “Course work” section e-question /

Hi! Is it also possible to upload videos of the lessons or carry out lessons ‘live’ on google Classroom?

Hi Ally, you can upload already recorded videos, while if by “doing live lessons” you mean live video lessons, you can’t do it with Classroom. The Google tool for video conferencing is Google Hangouts and you can also find it among the services present in the Google apps (in the squares at the top right of your Google account).

Hi, I tried to enter some assignments with Quiz but even if the assignments are submitted, the answers are not seen. Searching on the net it would seem to have to open the form and go to the Answers folder. But once the task is assigned, if I click on the form it doesn’t make me modify it and it doesn’t make me go to the answer folder. He simply offers me the form to fill out as if I were a student. Do you know a solution?

unfortunately so on the spot we don’t know how to give you a sure answer. It may be a Google error resulting from the login (but it is only a hypothesis) you could try to log out or use a different browser (if you are using chrome try firefox). In the next few hours we will publish a second tutorial that talks about Quizzes and maybe it could help you.

you can create a class dedicated only to this student, who will be the only student. To invite him just add his e-mail by going to the PEOPLE section (which you can find in the horizontal menu at the top as the third item) and add his e-mail by clicking on the icon with a little man to the right of the “Students” item. To invite other teachers to collaborate in the class instead, just click on the icon with a little man but to the right of the TEACHERS item.

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The issue of safety on our roads must be one of the priorities of the political debate. I hope that the dynamics of events will be shed soon. I thank the police for what they have done in these dramatic hours and I wish all those injured a speedy and total recovery.

World day against human trafficking: statement by the President of the Senate, Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati

Trafficking in human beings is a heinous crime that must be fought by all means. On the occasion of the World Day, established five years ago by the United Nations, the hope is that soon this drama, which involves women, men and millions of children around the world, will represent only a shame of the past. The declared goal is to eliminate all slavery by 2030. Not only through prevention, but also with the cooperation of all states that care about democracy and freedom. To definitively defeat a nefarious phenomenon that should touch the conscience of every single individual, but above all to eliminate it with the constant commitment of the entire international community. Without distinction and without any form of selfishness, with a solidarity capable of overcoming ideological and cultural barriers.

I am close with affection to Daisy Osakue, the athlete of the Italian national team of Nigerian origin, victim of an attack in Moncalieri. Yet another vile episode, which also denotes incivility and ignorance. I am sure that the police will soon be able to identify the perpetrators and clarify every aspect of the story. Violence must always be condemned, even more so when it could have hateful racial motivations. I wish Daisy, Italian record-breaking under 23 record holder, who honors our country in international scenarios, to recover quickly and soon forget this bad experience.

“Remembering Rocco Chinnici, thirty-five years after the barbaric attack in which two men from the escort and the porter of the building where he lived also died, means honoring the memory of a man who made the fight against the Mafia a lifetime commitment. his professional rigor, which led him to lead the Education Office of the Court of Palermo, his extraordinary intuition to create the famous anti-mafia pool, which became an example to follow even beyond the ocean, the certainty that the fight against the mafia is built with Transmission of the values ​​of legality to future generations are still precious teachings. Without a new conscience, as Chinnici claimed in current words, we alone will never make it. A message of hope that lives on through the commitment and courage of many men of the State that continue every day the fight against the mafia with the same and exemplary sense of the institutions that animated the work of the Sicilian magistrate.

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This depends on the particular institutions that are demanding the preparation of the document.

For example, scientific articles, which are given their degree of name and credibility in terms of publication, medium and quality of the same. Academic environments thrive on such publications. Thus, “The scientific article must be organized following the requirements of the publication. The classic structure of the article is: Introduction, materials and methods, results and conclusions. The parts of a scientific article are: Title, author, summary, introduction, materials and methods, results, discussion, conclusion, acknowledgments and bibliographic references. ”(P. 40)

To obtain all this content, it is expected that prior research will be carried out, which will provide possibilities and thoughts around the topic you want to work on. The APA standards audit and filter knowledge as citations and references. Even so, it is important that when inquiring about a topic, an exhaustive investigation is carried out around it, this includes wondering if the topic on which you are going to write was presented by someone else. That is, there are other approaches or approaches to the subject that is going to be exhibited. The foregoing must be evident in the writing of the document, since it denotes the research carried out by the author and also the state of the art of the subject for which it is being investigated.

According to the APA standards, it is unethical to list a problem and not investigate beforehand if it has been developed by another author. Especially in those documents whose demand for innovation or original contribution makes the subject to choose more difficult to find due to the characteristics or requirement demanded by the academic entity.

Therefore, the APA standards require a degree of self-authorship and creativity, supported by relevant citations. A text must have a great innovative content that indicates the skill of the author but also his ethics at the time of writing. Texts that only repeat what is said by other texts are of no use for the evolution of the academic environment, the idea of ​​the knowledge society is that it is unfinished and that new and fresh ideas always arrive for the transcendence of knowledge as utility for the world . The APA standards guarantee, through their guidelines, that knowledge is evaluated even before it is written.

In the case of essays, for example, we note the ability to write prose, where the subjective vision of the author is more important and also his position on any given topic.

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The content must be presented clearly. It must present a background of the main topic to be discussed, that is, indicate the state of the art or the historical background of the subject to be discussed. An introduction should also be made to the topic or the main question, which is the one that primarily motivates, and already presents, the purpose of the text. The APA standards require these differentiations that must be evident in the text, even if the words are not placed explicitly, indicating which part is which in the text.

After this, the objectives must be written, the content of which refers to what the purposes or what you want to prove with the development of the research. Then it is necessary to inquire about the question, concern or topic, and thus the theoretical framework is built, which is the theoretical signaling of the topic that is interested in treating. It is the sustenance of other sources, of other opinions on the subject that is being treated. In this section, the use of APA rules is essential, since special care must be taken in the quotations and in the concatenation of our ideas with those of others, so as not to incur theft of intellectual property.

Each idea that is copied verbatim or paraphrased must have its respective credit. For this reason, it is essential that as the document is created, the citations are annexed. Let us remember that there are different citations depending on whether it is a verbatim quote, a paraphrase, and that it is cited differently if there are one, two, three and up to six authors. Let us always remember that the APA standards give the text and a structure, they are also relevant when it comes to properly citing other documents or writings, which are used as a source of knowledge in their own text.

Then, the specific topic, question or hypothesis and the general topic that the entire writing will deal with is presented. After this, the topic is developed, it is concluded and it is finalized with the bibliographic references presented throughout the text. Depending on the requirements of the educational institution, other sections are used in the content, depending on the type of content required to be performed. The APA standards are par excellence, the method most used in universities and higher education centers around the world. The previous explanation applies more or less to all types of documents. In turn, it must be taken into account that each text has its requirements and specific content for each occasion.

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Before looking at APA standards, there is an urgent need to know what they are and what they are used for.

This document has all the information necessary to make documents with the APA format, in this way each person will have sufficient knowledge and will be able to use these standards in the best way.

First of all, it should be noted that the person responsible for the creation of these standards is the American Psychological Association (APA). Through this development it is sought that there is a set of standards to fully unify the works written that are of an international nature. In Colombia, for example, the Icontec standards are used to create written works.

Although these standards are for all types of documents, the design is intended to be used in degree projects or reports that are related to research.

In order to offer reliable, up-to-date and quality information: this article is largely based on different guides published by recognized institutions of higher education.

The following generalities are described under the sixth edition of the APA standards, but the changes presented by the seventh edition will also be specified.

Paper: The size of the paper to be used under the APA standard is 8.5 “x 11”. Equivalent to 8 ½ x 11 inches.

The line spacing for APA standards must be in 2.0 format and the text must be aligned to the left, without being justified.

1. Select the text to modify. Go to the Home tab and in the font section click on the first selector to choose the font.

To do it in an easier way you can avoid the previous steps mentioned above. For this we will make an initial configuration and apply these styles. We must do the following:

1. We go to HOME and then in the Styles section we right click on the style called Normal.

2. A window will open in which you can modify the font and font size, as well as the text alignment, indentation, among other options to take into account when creating a written work.

Another alternative to not modify the default styles is to create a new one, simply pressing Alt + Ctrl + Shift + S will open a new window with the list of available styles; At the bottom of the window there is a button called New Style.