Emotional awareness; It deals with the emotions in which situations a person feels, the effects of these feelings on the person and the symptoms of these feelings. This diary, of which you will find an example below, allows us to correctly evaluate different dimensions of emotional awareness.

Emotion diary; It tells the symptoms of the emotion we are experiencing, when, with whom, why we live, and what our inner voice is telling us at this moment.

Arctic Geological Research Center Director Vladimir Pushkarev and his team, who were waiting for the ground to harden in order to descend into the crater, examined the cause of the crater’s formation. It is estimated that a lake with a depth of at least 10 meters will form when the snow begins to melt in the crater, where the researchers descended about 16 meters. Fishermen living in Mogadishu are experiencing the most tiring but happy moments of the day with the shark and swordfish they caught.

The funeral of miner Tezcan Gökçe in Ermenek. Father Recep Gökçe, who attended the funeral with torn black tires, sends off his son, who has been waiting for days to be taken out of the ground, on his last trip. Mining martyr was wrenching the hearts of Turkey Recep with torn shoes he wore in his funeral Gokce Here are the haunting photograph of a tradition that continued for many years in Germany that took place once again.

In the first phase, 40 swans were moved to a warmer artificial lake. “I am very happy to fulfill my main duty this year as well. Swans will spend this winter in a warm home,” Niess said. Famous Bondi Beach in Australia. The goal of Australians buried in the sand is to deliver a message to Prime Minister Tony Abbott. The aim of the action, which lasted about three minutes, is to draw attention to the dangers of climate change. Australia is preparing to host the G summit.

In the UK, a very different study has been carried out to ensure that bicycle users can ride comfortably in the evenings. Shining pebbles and led lamps were laid on the road designed by Dutch artist and designer Daan Roosegaarde. This project, which not only facilitates the work of cyclists, also resulted in very beautiful images.

THE CORE The work to be achieved with the necessary effort and work, The hopes to flourish, the good son, the fig seed to the good son, the palm kernel to the good creed and long life, The nucleus seen as a collective nucleus signifies the reconciliation, the core conflict that is perceived separately. Even if Saliha, Jale, aspasya and a woman and a man with a chador are stuck in the elevator, our mark increases with the comments of God bless. Police launched an investigation into the incident. Soon Ali Kalaycı disappeared in the water 29. As soon as he saw the hungry sea lion, the swarm that began to turn formed a tunnel around the hunter. Children playing in Nakabumbi, a border region of Congo to Rwanda, unaware of the conflict that happened four days ago Press question mark to 10 strange situations altogether. Do not let their feet hit the ground so that their adornment they conceal is evident. She takes off her bra and skirt in the elevator, and then says you’re trying to jump out and shout at him. RAF Empty shelves are a sign of misfortune and unhappiness. PAPAGAN Seeing a parrot in a dream; to gossip and chatter, to feed the parrot; participating in a gossip, seeing the parrot flapping its wings; to get good news from a loved one in a short time, to see the parrot in a cage or free; it is a sign of encountering a liar and getting hurt.

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