I remind you again that from 3.6 the eco-center will be open with no more reservations and with longer hours made with additional budget funds to reduce the risk of queues due to the need to limit access. More information here:

It has now been more than 25 days since May 4 since Phase 1 of the tightening to prevent the spread of the infection ended and just over almost two weeks since the reopening of the shops on May 18.

In Vanzago the number of positives remained stable at 92 indicated by the Lombardy Region but with 77 nominative cases indicated by ATS; the others are in fact not resident in Vanzago.

Of these cases, only 4 remain in quarantine in Vanzago waiting for the swab to finally give a negative result, in addition to those inserted in our RSA that are waiting for the swab that certifies healing.

There have been NO new cases in Vanzago since May 15 and there have been NO elements of health concern. Finally, I remember that the growth of infections on Vanzago that has occurred since April is almost totally linked to positive cases that had not received the swab previously due to the limitations present in the Lombardy Region in the possibility of doing these tests.

This message does not mean that we are authorized to behave superficially and to underestimate the risk of contagion, therefore I invite all citizens to maintain the utmost rigor and prudence, especially with the rules already issued at the beginning of the year:

I also recommend everyone and everyone to respect the rules within shops and various activities also in light of the new ordinance n.555 of the Lombardy Region today which allows other openings (eg: recreational clubs, gyms and tanning centers, etc…).

On Saturday 30th we organized a new round of distribution of masks to all the families of Vanzago: we have to thank Pregnana Soccorso Onlus and Rho Soccorso for the distribution and the members of the Vanzago Solidarity Group for packaging at the Elderly Center. Thank you very much!

COVID has taught us that we cannot save ourselves: we must operate as a great team.

As for the summer camps and various educational activities, the Municipality of Vanzago has also carried out a survey of the need and is organizing these services: as every year we also collaborate with the private individuals present to offer the widest possible offer. P.

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