The issue of safety on our roads must be one of the priorities of the political debate. I hope that the dynamics of events will be shed soon. I thank the police for what they have done in these dramatic hours and I wish all those injured a speedy and total recovery.

World day against human trafficking: statement by the President of the Senate, Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati

Trafficking in human beings is a heinous crime that must be fought by all means. On the occasion of the World Day, established five years ago by the United Nations, the hope is that soon this drama, which involves women, men and millions of children around the world, will represent only a shame of the past. The declared goal is to eliminate all slavery by 2030. Not only through prevention, but also with the cooperation of all states that care about democracy and freedom. To definitively defeat a nefarious phenomenon that should touch the conscience of every single individual, but above all to eliminate it with the constant commitment of the entire international community. Without distinction and without any form of selfishness, with a solidarity capable of overcoming ideological and cultural barriers.

I am close with affection to Daisy Osakue, the athlete of the Italian national team of Nigerian origin, victim of an attack in Moncalieri. Yet another vile episode, which also denotes incivility and ignorance. I am sure that the police will soon be able to identify the perpetrators and clarify every aspect of the story. Violence must always be condemned, even more so when it could have hateful racial motivations. I wish Daisy, Italian record-breaking under 23 record holder, who honors our country in international scenarios, to recover quickly and soon forget this bad experience.

“Remembering Rocco Chinnici, thirty-five years after the barbaric attack in which two men from the escort and the porter of the building where he lived also died, means honoring the memory of a man who made the fight against the Mafia a lifetime commitment. his professional rigor, which led him to lead the Education Office of the Court of Palermo, his extraordinary intuition to create the famous anti-mafia pool, which became an example to follow even beyond the ocean, the certainty that the fight against the mafia is built with Transmission of the values ​​of legality to future generations are still precious teachings. Without a new conscience, as Chinnici claimed in current words, we alone will never make it. A message of hope that lives on through the commitment and courage of many men of the State that continue every day the fight against the mafia with the same and exemplary sense of the institutions that animated the work of the Sicilian magistrate.

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