Like the Mass of the 13th, the Rosary, led by the bishop of Teramo-Atri Lorenzo Leuzzi, will be offered live by various television stations and social channels. All information on the Sanctuary website. (EmC)

Monday morning, it’s raining outside and a new day begins, a new week … I go up to my room after prayer, I sit down to write some messages and a number that I have not saved appears on the display … I say: “Who breaks ? “… Yes, because even the friars are human … I answer and on the other side I hear a beautiful” GOOD MORNING fra Riccardo “… It is she, an English lady who often frequented the table and who is now in a community to take back its LIFE in hand … How nice to hear it, how nice to know that in LIFE we can be “Cyrenians” who help each other to carry the cross … And once again I realize that teaching more precious are the poor who give it to you … There are people, like this sister, who at an older age have the courage to take their LIFE in hand … It is never too late to be reborn … It is not END the last word, but HOPE … And if the week starts so wonderfully, who knows how it will arrive next Sunday ❤️😂❤️😂 ❤️

100 years after the birth of St. John Paul II, the Vatican Publishing House wishes to help remember and feel his warmth, his wisdom, his sympathy, his strength through his photos and his words, with a book entitled: 100 years. Words and images. To remember means to carry in the heart: it is a way of continuing to be close to and nurturers of his teaching and example of him. 100 years is available in Italian, English and Polish. Pope Francis writes in the preface to the book:

“Saint John Paul II was a great witness to the faith, a great man of prayer who lived completely immersed in his time and constantly in contact with God, a sure Guide for the Church in times of great change”. (EmC)

We join the faithful of Termoli, on the feast of the discovery of the body of St. Timothy today. In recent days, many people have lost their jobs; they have not been summarized, they worked illegally … Let us pray for these brothers and sisters of ours who suffer from this lack of work. These are the words of the Pope in the introduction to the morning Mass at Casa Santa Marta. Then the homily, in which he stated that the Holy Spirit helps us to understand more and more what Jesus told us.

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