or we can only tell you that in general on Google Classroom there may be pre-recorded materials, assignments and video lessons that can be managed independently (according to the instructions of the prof), instead video calls or video conferences (Skype, Google Hangouts or others e-learning systems) are “live” activities, so you have to be there when it happens and you can usually know who is participating.

Hi, I would like to know if it is possible for the teacher of the course to see if every single student has seen the lessons.

Good evening Monia, no it is not possible to do it directly. However, it is possible to assign tasks only to individual students or insert a quiz in order to check if the material has been read. To see how quizzes, questions and materials work, see our tutorial on the “Course work” section https://www.educationmarketing.it/blog/2020/03/google-classroom-le-differenze-tra-compito-quiz- e-question /

Hi! Is it also possible to upload videos of the lessons or carry out lessons ‘live’ on google Classroom?

Hi Ally, you can upload already recorded videos, while if by “doing live lessons” you mean live video lessons, you can’t do it with Classroom. The Google tool for video conferencing is Google Hangouts and you can also find it among the services present in the Google apps (in the squares at the top right of your Google account).

Hi, I tried to enter some assignments with Quiz but even if the assignments are submitted, the answers are not seen. Searching on the net it would seem to have to open the form and go to the Answers folder. But once the task is assigned, if I click on the form it doesn’t make me modify it and it doesn’t make me go to the answer folder. He simply offers me the form to fill out as if I were a student. Do you know a solution?

unfortunately so on the spot we don’t know how to give you a sure answer. It may be a Google error resulting from the login (but it is only a hypothesis) you could try to log out or use a different browser (if you are using chrome try firefox). In the next few hours we will publish a second tutorial that talks about Quizzes and maybe it could help you.

you can create a class dedicated only to this student, who will be the only student. To invite him just add his e-mail by going to the PEOPLE section (which you can find in the horizontal menu at the top as the third item) and add his e-mail by clicking on the icon with a little man to the right of the “Students” item. To invite other teachers to collaborate in the class instead, just click on the icon with a little man but to the right of the TEACHERS item.

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